Helix - Promo Packaging / Show Open

I had the opportunity to work on the the promo material for Helix’s on-air campaign. At the time we didn’t know too much about the show, but we were told about this black substance that would be a key visual throughout the season. I tried to create an eery atmosphere that hinted everything was not as it seemed. For the ripping effect, I used cloth simulation in Cinema4D.

Alternate Show Open

Another direction for the show open was the idea that the letterforms were 'infected' by the black ooze. Lots of fun playing with deformers and sub-polygon displacement.

Key Art

There is an underlying theme in Helix: Play God, Pay the Price. These are a series of keyart concepts that mix religion with science.

Credit List

Creative Director - Ben Cocharan

Design Director - Calvin Chu

Senior Art Director - Ed Sherman

Writer / Producer - Joel Kotlowitz